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Underground Utility Detection:

Metallic and non-metallic line detection through GPR (Ground Penetration Radar), and Radio Frequency Techniques. Using high technology equipment NDTector Inc. can identify and mark the location and depth of service utilities like:

  • Gas
  • Sewer Lines
  • Power Cables and other metallic and non-metallic targets, including underground storage tanks and concrete or PVC pipes.

NDTector can also performs private locates as needed, for property owners, excavators, contractors, surveyors, designers, municipalities, county governments and underground facility owners. We come to customer building site or private property and delineate all underground service lines and infrastructures, with the purpose of mark them in order to prevent damage in the field before excavations, drilling or underground works.

Cable Fault Location in Medium Voltage Networks:

Utilities, energy producers and services companies are obliged to ensure a high-quality supply of energy to final customers. When a fault arises, the customers must be reconnected to the network as quickly as possible to keep losses and financial damages as low as possible.

NDTector offers the best technology, right procedures, high level technicians and reliable equipment to locate faults in cables and overhead lines quickly and efficiently.

Cables Testing and Non-Destructive Diagnostics:

Thanks to non-destructive diagnostic services offered by NDTector Inc. all damages and installation failures in medium and high voltage cable systems can be detected and corrected in order to avoid network failures and the subsequent losses.

Our service includes the possibility to check and verify all cable components before operation.  Also, our service can identify impeding faults and make it possible to carry out condition-based maintenance works on the network through Tangent Delta and Partial Discharge Measurements.  The main advantage of this service is that it allows the operator to decide whether to repair or replace the cable.

DAC 300 kV High Voltage Cable Testing:

The High Voltage DAC service is offered for after-laying testing on newly installed HV-cables as part of quality control, and for condition assessment on repaired or service-aged HV-cables. The test set incorporates a partial discharge (PD) detector, allowing monitoring the quality of workmanship and the condition of the cable.

The key benefit of this test set is the compactness versus testable capacity. With this transportable unit, cables with a length up to 32 km can be tested.

As of its portability and short set-up time it is possible to quickly respond on changing weather conditions. Because of its low weight there are no special requirements needed for road conditions. Air transport is also no problem, keeping transport times to a minimum and maximizing the efficiency in use of the system.

Partial Discharge Inspection in Substations:

Inspection on MV switchgear, check for potential problems such as defects in terminations, current and voltage transformers, bushings or bus bars. NDTector performs this service using a combination of TEV and acoustic contact sensors, whereas for air insulated switchgear a flexible acoustic sensor is used.  Also, using an Ultrasound parabolic receiver, outdoor applications and HV components can be scanned as such as terminations, surge arresters, transformer, bushings and isolators for corona and surface discharges. Also, bus bar, wall and ceiling bushings, can be surveyed for partial discharge activity through airborne ultrasonic testing.

Consultation, Technical Support and Training in Testing, Diagnostic and Cable Fault Location:

NDtector also offers training courses and technical support to help electrical maintenance staff from power utilities and services companies about all techniques of testing, diagnostic and cable fault locating in medium and high voltage networks.

All these courses can take 2, 3 or 5 working days in the customer’s facilities or in our classrooms.

Mechanical Integrity and Non-Destructive Testing:

NDTector is accredited by ASNT and NACE engineers to provide a cost-effective corrosion control solutions and services designed to protect your infrastructure, preventing corrosion in new and existing structures in order to save money.

Our services include:

  • Mechanical Integrity and Non-Destructive Testing in static equipment.
  • Field Surveys on Plant Equipment
  • Cathodic Protection Systems Specifications
  • Designs, plans and schematics